Why People Get Nervous at the Dentist, and How Happy Gas Can Help?

Have you ever thought about the stereotype associated with dental clinics and why some people continue to feel worried or afraid of visiting their dentist?

Being a family dental clinic, we definitely have considered this from time to time, and can most certainly reassure you that there isn’t a thing you should be worried about!

When it comes to visiting your dentist, it’s easy to feel a sense of concern for whether or not you’ll have a comfortable experience. Often, this will depend on the type of dental service you require. You might think that most of our patients who experience nerves will only get that way when visiting us for a major dental procedure. But the truth may very well surprise you!

Our dental team holds no reservations for whether or why a patient might feel nervous during their visit to our clinic. We will just as easily understand if our patients are nervous even during simple procedures such as a tooth cleaning and dental check-up. While we can’t change how people think about visiting the dentist, we can certainly do everything we can to provide safe and gentle dental care that reinforces the idea that visiting the dentist can’t be such a bad experience after all.

Should You Worry About Getting Major Dental Treatments Done?

The truth of the matter is, you should always trust that our dentists will have ways to ensure your comfort and safety during each visit. It also includes any visit which might involve:

  • Tooth extractions,
  • Dental surgery, or
  • Dental implants,

which will obviously involve a bit more pain than other ‘regular’ treatments! Regardless of how serious the treatment sounds, we can provide happy gas treatment to aid the feeling of anesthesia for patients undergoing dental surgery.

Ask Us About How Happy Gas Treatment Helps:

Just as the way it sounds, happy gas treatment can help provide a feeling of comfort and calm while you undergo tooth removal or dental surgery. It works similarly to any form of anesthetic that we apply to numb the pain in an area of a patient’s mouth. Once the happy gas has taken its effect, our patients will be able to sit through their dental surgery feeling more calm, with any pain reduced, so treatment does not feel unbearable at all.

Safe and Gentle Dentistry Services:

Tarneit Dental Care Can Provide Safe and Gentle Dentistry You Can Always Rely On:

We’re the family dentist that ensures you and your family always enjoy safe and gentle dentistry, no matter what your teeth need. If you or a loved one are worried or experiencing nerves to do with a dental visit, be sure to ask us about our happy gas treatment by calling 03 9749 4491.