Help! What Should I Do in Case of a Dental Emergency At Home?

The first thing you should remember, and the best advice we could possibly give you is: don’t panic! There’s never a need to worry if you or a loved one are ever in a position to require assistance from an emergency dentist near you. The simple fact of the matter is that there’s always a dental clinic within reach of you, should emergencies occur around your home or premises. In our line of work, we frequently experience calls for assistance related to injuries that have occured due to sporting accidents. If you were thinking ‘chipped tooth‘, then you’re definitely spot on with beginning to understand how exactly we can help to treat you during such emergencies.

Depending on the Nature of Your Dental Emergency:

Our dental team can provide a wide number of different treatments that can remedy your situation. Apart from sporting injuries, we understand that dental-related injuries and mishaps can occur through a number of different scenarios. Regardless of whether you’ve sustained trauma to the face, or present with injuries to your teeth and gums, we are always here to help. We understand that accidents do happen whether you’re at home or work, and are always ready to schedule an emergency dental appointment for you as soon as possible.

Understanding How Tarneit Dental Care Can Help with Dental Emergencies

If you or a loved one are ever in need of an emergency dentist, know that we can provide helpful and effective treatment depending on the type of injury you may have sustained. Some of the more common types of dental injuries that warrant emergency treatment can include:

  • Chipped teeth,
  • Broken or cracked teeth,
  • Bleeding or injured gums, and
  • Facial trauma.

Depending on where you’ve sustained this injury and how, we can help you with treatment that either remedies the appearance of your teeth, or by providing emergency surgery if you need it. In the event of a mild injury, treatment options like orthodontics can be enough to help preserve the structure and appearance of your pearly whites. However, more drastic incidents may require more serious forms of treatment, such as dental implants.

Should you require assistance from an emergency dentist, know that you are never too far away from reaching out to our dental team at Tarneit Dental Care. Along with orthodontics, we can also help if you are ever curious about cosmetic dental treatments like teeth whitening. We’re known as the best dentist in Tarneit for a good few reasons. Whether you need specialist dental treatment or a dental payment plan to accommodate your circumstances, we can most definitely assist.

Call Tarneit Dental Care for All Your Dental Emergencies!

The first thing you should certainly do in the event of a dental emergency, is to pick up your phone and give us a call at 03 9749 4491. While treatment wait periods may depend on the availability of our dentists, we always place a priority on dental emergencies, especially if one of our patients is calling due to an experience of great pain.

Even if we have to place you for an appointment with a bit of a wait time, our dental team will be able to provide you with immediate support over the phone, so you can find relief while you make your way to see our dentists.