What Foods Are Best and Worst For Your Teeth?

Brushing and flossing your teeth and getting regular check ups are both important parts of oral health, but what you eat and drink is also a vital part of the health of your teeth and gums. Tooth decay is a diet related disease which occurs when the sugars in your diet are taken up by bacteria and attack your tooth enamel. If you’re looking for a dentist in Melbourne to help you learn what foods are good and bad for your teeth, Tarneit Dental Care is here to help. Let’s look at what you should be eating and what to avoid.

Good Foods For Your Teeth


Water is number one for pretty much everything. It’s calorie and sugar free, and it costs nothing! What makes it better is most areas of Australia also have water that contains fluoride, which is one of the easiest and best ways to prevent tooth decay. It keeps your teeth healthy and you stay hydrated.


If you can, having dairy in your diet is great for your teeth as it’s calcium rich. Milk, yogurt, cheese, and fortified soy milk are low in sugar and help promote h2 bones and teeth.

Calcium-Rich Foods

Along with dairy, other fantastic calcium rich foods include tofu, almonds, dark green leafy vegetables, and canned salmon.

Lean Proteins

Foods high in phosphorus help strengthen your teeth and contain valuable protein. This can be found in lean meat, fish, milk, eggs, beans, and nuts. Nuts that are low in carbohydrates also don’t add to your risk of cavities.

Vitamin C

Fruit and vegetables are an important part of any diet. But vitamin C also helps promote gum health! So reach for fruits, broccoli, spinach, potatoes, and tomatoes. All are also high in fiber and water, helping to balance the sugar they contain and help clean your teeth.

Chewing Gum

This one might be a surprise, but chewing sugar free gum for 20 minutes after eating helps prompt your mouth to produce more saliva, which helps to neutralise acid attacks that cause decay.

Bad Foods For Your Teeth

Sugary Foods

Most people know this one. Sugar sticks to your teeth and promotes tooth decay. To promote good oral health, avoid foods like lollies, gummies, and cotton candy. Surprisingly, items like fruit juice, energy drinks, and cough drops can also be high in sugar and are best to steer clear of.

Carbonated Drinks

Soft drinks are incredibly high in sugar and are the leading source of excess sugar in the diets of kids and teens. A lot of these drinks also contain citric acids, which attack tooth enamel.

Citric Acid

Fruits, juices, and wine usually contain acid. While this isn’t unhealthy, they need to be consumed in moderation. Exposing your teeth to high amounts of acid can erode the enamel over time. Once the enamel erodes, this makes your teeth more prone to decay and cavities.


Frequent drinks of tea and coffee are known to stain teeth and can also dry out your mouth. Many people also add in sugars or sweeteners, which contribute to a high sugar intake that is bad for your teeth.


Regular consumption of alcohol can also lead to dry mouth, which increases your risk of gum disease and oral infections.

Tarneit Dental Care Helps Guide You In The Direction Of Good Oral Health

Nutrition and eating healthy foods is paramount in keeping up good dental health. Tarneit Dental Care is a dental clinic in Melbourne that can help you stay on track with your dental hygiene. Give our friendly team a call on 03 9749 4491 for advice or to book an appointment.