Sedation with Happy gas

Sedation with Happy Gas Melbourne

People often avoid going to the dentist due to bad childhood memories and unfounded fears. Dental restorations can still be uncomfortable and painful, even though dentistry has significantly advanced since the terrible old days. Whatever the case, nothing should prevent you or your children from getting the necessary dental care. Sedation dentistry with happy gas in Melbourne can be useful to help people deal with pain, alleviate anxiety, and overcome their natural fear response.

Tarneit Dental Care advises choosing the Happy Gas option to ensure your maximum comfort and a pleasant and pain-free experience. Happy gas is often used during dental procedures, with this powerful substance providing conscious sedation in a way that’s safe and easy to manage.

What is Happy gas?

Also known as “happy gas,” this basic chemical compound combines a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen. Happy gas has a long history of use in dentistry through a procedure known as relative analgesia. Rather than knocking you out, happy gas enables conscious sedation that can make you feel warm, relaxed, and safe. While not everyone reacts well to this compound, it provides several advantages over other forms of sedation.

Why opt for sedation dentistry with happy gas in Melbourne?

The advantages of happy gas are numerous; this compound is both fast-acting and easy to manage. While other forms of sedation take a long time to work or have a fixed duration, happy gas can be administered in incremental doses without the need for injections. Additionally, it is a safe, affordable, and fun alternative for someone with dental anxiety. In addition, if you are having difficulty convincing your child to visit the dentist, happy gas is the best option for you.

How is happy gas administered?

This compound is administered through a standard oxygen mask and is eliminated from the system in three to five minutes. While some people do feel uncomfortable with the effects of happy gas, it continues to provide a safe form of oral sedation for a range of dental procedures.

Precautions to be taken before and after the administration of happy gas include:

Before: Have a simple, light meal 2 hours prior to the appointment. Avoid anything with high-calorie content, including steaks and meat, as this helps you stay calm during the treatment.

After: You may face discomfort, a headache, or even nausea once the happy gas mask is removed, so stay calm and breathe in abundant oxygen immediately.

Tarneit Dental Care provides affordable and safe sedation dentistry with happy gas in Melbourne. Our staff will ensure all your appointments are enriching and comfortable. Connect with us right away to learn more.

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