A restoration or filling is a common dental treatment applied to restore missing tooth structure. Teeth are easily damaged by decay. Restorations are used to restore the integrity and function of individual teeth. Along with their primary purpose as a form of restoration, fillings are also an important way to prevent further decay.

We offer a range of restoration procedures, including direct and indirect fillings in all sizes and parts of the mouth. Tooth decay is an extremely common problem in modern society, with most people requiring dental fillings at some stage during their life. If you feel any tooth pain or sensitivity, a restoration can help you to fix damage before it creates bigger problems.

White composite and porcelain fillings

Along with restoring your teeth and preventing additional decay, white composite and porcelain fillings also provide a number of important cosmetic benefits. Rather than using old-fashioned amalgam fillings, we provide advanced dental restorations that match the colour and function of your natural teeth.

Simple and long-lasting

Putting in fillings is a relatively simple dental treatment that can normally be performed in a single appointment. Along with improved function and appearance, the evolution of filling materials has led to restorations that last for longer and are easier to care for.

Most porcelain fillings will last at least a decade, with composite fillings meant as a temporary solution that lasts for up to five years. Please give us a call if you’re looking for natural looking fillings that can repair tooth damage before it gets out of control.

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