Making Full Use of CDBS to Keep Your Kids Smiling their Best

In case you haven’t explored this scheme, the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) is an Australian government initiative to provide affordable dental care for eligible children. Through this scheme, partnered dental care providers such as our clinic are able to help children from the ages of 2 to 17 claim up to $1,000 on dental treatment for a period of two consecutive years. Excess from this amount is carried forward between the first and second years, so it often provides a timely reason for many parents in our community to ensure their children get the dental care they need. The good news is that this covers a wide range of common dental needs, such as orthodontic support, and other routine treatment. Ideally, the way CDBS works should help you to offset any cost required for treatments that might take more than one or two sessions. This could be anything that involves dental surgery or a treatment plan that sees your child visiting regularly for braces or aligner adjustment.

Planning Major Dental Treatment with Tarneit Dental Care and CDBS

We often help our patients figure out their child’s eligibility for the CDBS scheme. Beyond this, our friendly staff are also able to assist if you would like to plan out your child’s dental needs for the next couple of years. This is especially helpful if you are considering getting orthodontic support for your child during their foundation years. As these types of treatments can incur ongoing costs from regular visitations, it’s always good to know that your child could be eligible to claim these ongoing treatments as part of the CDBS scheme.

As the CDBS scheme carries excess over a period of two years, we often find it provides an opportune time at the end and start of each year to recommend that children get ‘major’ dental treatments out of the way. This could involve treatments that require subsequent visits for fitting and adjustment of braces and aligners, to name just one example. Regardless, our friendly team at Tarneit Dental Care is always ready to help across a broad range of dental needs, including:

  • Routine teeth cleaning,
  • Teeth polishing, and
  • Tooth removal, if in the event of emergencies.

Tarneit Dental Care is Always Ready to Help with Your Kids’ Dental Claims

Our friendly team is always ready to support your child’s ongoing need for safe and reliable dental care. No matter what your specific needs are, you can always call us on 03 9749 4491 for an obligation-free consultation. We are always happy to help you check your child’s eligibility for dental care, and to help you with planning out your child’s dental care needs for the year ahead.