Is There An Age Limit for Dental Restorations?

Understanding Dental Restorations: Why They Aren’t Just Suited for Older Patients

Most patients would often read or hear about dental restorative treatment, and immediately associate these to elderly patients with missing teeth. The truth is that even younger individuals can lose their teeth, whether due to accidents or other injuries. While incidents such as these seldom happen to younger persons, it does not omit the fact that they can and do occur. Understandably, no young patient of ours would want to have to put up with having missing teeth. As a way to restore their smile and former confidence, dental restorations can help them find a permanent solution that restores the aesthetic and functional appearance of their teeth.

If you’ve lost your teeth for whatever reason, you should never be ashamed and decide to hide your smile as a way of coping. The first step you should take is to consult with our dental clinic to find out what we can do to provide suitable treatment. Our friendly dental team is always able to provide you with a safe and gentle reconstructive dental solution, whether in the form of:

  • Dental Bridges,
  • Dentures, or
  • Dental Implants.

Treatment is Always Available, and You Should Never Hide Your Smile

At Tarneit Dental Care, we believe that every one of our patients deserves a right to smile their most confident smile. Regardless of what has happened to cause loss of your teeth, we are always ready to provide our expertise, and to help you find the best dental restoration possible. Depending on what you opt for, and which treatment might suit you best, we may be able to ensure that you receive a permanent treatment solution, such as a dental implant, which will require little to no adjustment throughout the rest of your life.

Think About it As a Restoration, Not a Replacement

Even with intermediary or temporary solutions such as dentures, such treatments work in a way as to restore your smile to what it was. Our dental restoration treatments will always take into account a patient’s existing dental conditions, and the shape of their teeth. Any mold or dentures we create as a result will be custom-fitted to the shape of your bite and teeth, so you won’t feel out of place when getting used to your dental restorations.

Tarneit Dental Care is Your Family Dental Clinic for Dental Emergencies and More

You can always count on our friendly dental team to provide helpful and effective consultation, if you or a loved one has recently suffered a loss of teeth due to an emergency. We are always glad to help our patients find their best smiles possible. Give our dental clinic a call today on 03 9749 4491 to know more about how dental restorations can help you return your smile to what it was.