How to Tell When Your Kids Need Orthodontic Support

Understanding your children’s dental needs is not always that easy and straightforward. This idea rings especially true among new parents, whose only reference other than the Internet would be to check with other parents and family members to see what their own experiences with their children have shown them. Understandably, you will always want your best for your children, and this includes providing them with safe and effective orthodontic treatment when they need it. However, is it always that easy to tell when your child needs orthodontic support?

The idea here is that you wouldn’t want to be waiting for too long, before your children’s teeth get into a worse condition. This especially applies to scenarios that involve misaligned teeth, such as is often the case with permanent teeth forming, and also when wisdom teeth emerge. However, these are only two of the many scenarios that can present a need for children to seek orthodontic support. If you’ve been curious about whether your child may need braces or not, read on to understand some of the signs we would recommend you look out for.

Are You Noticing Any Irregularities in Their Jaw or Teeth?

Disproportionately shaped palates and jaws are often indicative of problems with bite. Naturally, the shape of these determines the positioning of your child’s teeth, and it helps to consult with a professional dental team if you believe that your child can benefit from orthodontic treatment to improve these existing conditions. Similarly, any overcrowding of their teeth can also present a big clue as to whether they need help to ensure that no future misalignment of their teeth occurs.

Does Your Child Have Any Trouble Chewing or Speaking?

These are among some of the more obvious signs that your child may be experiencing some difficulty as their permanent teeth start to emerge. If you’ve noticed any teeth or mouth-related issues seemingly affecting their appetite and ability to enjoy their meals, then it’s definitely time you brought them into a visit to see how our dental team can help. When this occurs, we typically help by:

  • Checking the alignment of their teeth,
  • Checking their bite, and
  • Assessing the suitability of braces as a way to correct any issues observed.

Are There Any Issues In the Spacing of Their Teeth?

Younger children will typically have wide gaps between their teeth. This is due to the impermanence of their milk teeth. However, this may present issues that require correction, if these gaps are still present when their permanent teeth have formed. Braces are very often recommended as an effective way to correct the forming of these gaps.

Tarneit Dental Care Can Help Your Child Find Effective Orthodontic Support

Give your child the best smiles to last them for life. Anticipating your child’s dental needs may not always be easy, but consulting with our dental team in Tarneit will no doubt provide you with a better understanding of what can be done. If your child needs braces or other forms of orthodontic support, do not hesitate to call us today on 03 9749 4491.