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Whether you want to brighten your teeth or correct previous dental procedures, cosmetic dentistry at Tarneit Dental Care is the place to beautify your smile. We take pride in serving a comprehensive range of dental care solutions to a list of reputed clientele. We are known for our excellence and strive to attain 100% customer delight. With our outstanding team of doctors, you are sure to obtain finest cosmetic dentistry services near Hoppers Crossing.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Cosmetic dentistry incorporates a wide range of services some of which are designed to make you more confident about your teeth and smile. Other cosmetic services are more functional, such as replacing broken or chipped teeth, correcting an overbite, or gum surgery. Some of these procedures make it easier to talk and chew. Cosmetic dentistry includes these services:

 People often opt for teeth whitening to augment their smiles. The procedure involves the use of bleaching gel to whiten the appearance of your teeth. Whitening is usually done after a thorough clean for better results

Porcelain veneers are a thin cover that cosmetic dentists near Hoppers Crossing place and glue on the front of a patient’s teeth. Porcelain veneers help correct gaps, stains, or chips on teeth effectively.

Dentists go for this treatment to replace a missing tooth since dental implants have a natural appearance. Our dentists embed a minuscule screw in your jawbone to support the implant’s crown aptly.

Patients that have tooth decay or chipped teeth are recommended composite bonding and reshaping. A bonding agent is used to restore your teeth only after the removal of the decayed part of your teeth.

It is often done to enhance one’s smile this treatment of cosmetic dentistry can also cure periodontal diseases. In this process, dentists reshape the tissues or bones underlying them to restore the appearance of your smile.

Cosmetic dentists near Hoppers Crossing provide braces to realign or straighten teeth that have a bad shape. We have both traditional metal braces and invisible braces.

Besides that we also provide teeth cleaning, bridging, reshaping, etc. to help our clients augment their smile without conceding with the functionality of their teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Latest Technology

At Tarneit Dental Care our professional dental staff is equipped with the latest in technology so you can rest easy knowing that your teeth will get the best treatment. Our digital technology emits 99% less radiation than regular X-rays, which makes them a safer option for you and your family. Every single piece of equipment is upgraded as per industry standards; furthermore, dentists are regularly educated on how to operate these tools to their highest potential.

Professional Cosmetic Dentists

Our dental professionals will go over the procedure with you using digital animation software so that you can get a comprehensive understanding of what to expect and how your teeth will look in the end.

Our modern surgery and examination rooms are designed to make patients feel at ease as well as be comfortable while the professional team works on your teeth. For more information about cosmetic dentistry services we provide near Hoppers Crossing, get in touch today.

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