Children’s Dentistry that Helps Set Good, Lifelong Dental Habits for Your Kids

There are plenty of reasons why our dental team is fond of encouraging our patients to bring their children in frequently for their dental check-ups. Among these reasons is the fact that once your child gets their first full set of teeth by the age of three, it can be easy for decay to set in, especially due to the food they consume, and from any potential lack of ongoing dental care. The bad news is that this decay that could form in their primary teeth can result in decay that develops later on with their permanent set of ‘adult’ teeth. This is most definitely the reason why most schools and parents emphasise daily dental care among young children, with basic practices like flossing and brushing to help them develop a daily routine of their own.

However, you can always do so much more to encourage them on the importance of daily dental hygiene. And normalising frequent visits to your local dentist is just one beneficial thing you can do to ensure that they have all the knowledge and confidence they need to maintain beautiful smiles throughout the rest of their lives.

Introducing Your Children to the Wider World of Dentistry

Though not all children might need orthodontic braces, it helps to have your children recognise the family dental clinic as a place they can trust for whenever they need help or knowledge to do with their dental needs. While daily dental habits help the removal of plaque and bacteria, twice-annual dental visits are but halfway points throughout the year that can help your children be extra sure that they’re doing the right thing when wanting to keep their teeth in great shape. Among the services we can provide are:

  • Children’s teeth cleaning,
  • Children’s orthodontic braces,
  • Custom-moulded mouthguards for sports, and
  • Cavity fillings for children’s teeth.

Beyond matters of regular dental maintenance, our dentists would also be the best people for your children to approach, should they like to know more about how orthodontic support might help them. As a family dental clinic that’s proud to practice good, gentle dentistry, we are always happy to explain our services to children in factual and easy to understand ways that help them see the value of keeping their teeth in great dental condition for life.

Tarneit Dental Care: the Family Dental Clinic for Your Kids!

Whether you’d like to introduce your children to our friendly dental team or book a specific consultation to do with orthodontics or otherwise, we are always happy to help. Just call our clinic on 03 9749 4491 today to find out what we can do to help you and your children.