Back to School: Dental Tips to Keep in Mind

Every new school term is an opportunity for parents to reinforce the good habits that they’d want their children to keep throughout the rest of their lives. Good dental health and hygiene are primarily among such good habits, and we can definitely help you to cultivate that within your kids. If this has been a topic of discussion with your kids in your home, then consider these guidelines that we generally keep in mind, when helping those of our patients with kids to foster good habits to do with dental health and hygiene.

Like any positive habit that you would like your child to cultivate, it always helps to send a little encouragement their way. Apart from that, it helps to encourage the idea that good dental health is a valuable cornerstone lifestyle habit that can also help to foster habits related to healthy eating. Now that the holidays are over, the school semester would no doubt help to guide your children through a routine daily schedule. Why not consider how good dental health could also factor into this habit-forming time of year? At Tarneit Dental Care, we often advocate a handful of tips to help children pick up good dental health habits as they get on with their semester:

  • Developing good brushing and flossing routines,
  • Being aware of what foods can cause tooth decay, and
  • Keeping good dental health practices during their school day.

Regular Dental Appointments Help to Cultivate a Healthy Routine

You already know the importance of a twice-annual visit to your dentist, but is this something that your kids are just as aware of? Fostering this habit at an early age can often mean the difference between keeping the healthy habit of visiting the dentist or not at all, especially later on in their lives as busy adults. However, a busy school schedule often helps your kids break up any monotony to do with the semester, and could even help them look forward to their annual dental visits.

Active Kids Deserve a Way to Keep Their Sporting Activities Safe

Have you considered how your dentist can play a part in encouraging your childrens’ active lifestyles? Sports are part and parcel of Australian life, and there’s no reason why our dentists would advise that your kids curb their sporting activities as a means of preserving their overall dental health. In fact, our team at Tarneit Dental Care can help to provide your kids with custom-moulded mouthguards, so they can always engage in their favourite activities with full confidence and safety to their teeth in mind.

Incentivise Good Dental Hygiene and Habits

It always helps to play an active part in the development of your children. And there are few better ways to do so than by being physically present with them during everyday activities like flossing or brushing their teeth. You can also incentivise good dental hygiene practices in other ways than being a present role-model. Among the ways we advocate are helping them to prepare their lunchboxes with a serving of their favourite fruit.

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