7 Myths About Root Canals

Getting a root canal can be a scary thought. But there are many misconceptions about root canals that, once you know about, will help ease your anxieties before your procedure.

Myth 1: Root canals hurt

The biggest misconception about root canals is that they are painful. Decades ago, they were, but with modern technology and anaesthetic you don’t feel a thing. Any pain comes from the infection within the pulp of your tooth. Root canals relieve that pain and once the procedure is done, the pain will disappear. Along with the anaesthetic, if you’re anxious about the treatment, your dentist may offer more sedatives like inhalation sedation to help you feel relaxed. Post procedure, you’ll be prescribed pain relief for the recovery period.

Myth 2: Root canals take many appointments

Advancements in the last few decades mean that root canals are completed in just one or two appointments. How many appointments will be determined by the extent of the infection and the difficulty of the root canal. You may need a subsequent appointment to restore the tooth completely, but the root canal itself can take just one appointment.

Myth 3: Root canals are expensive

Root canals generally remain less expensive than tooth extraction and replacements. Costs will vary on the extent of your procedure and who performs it. Many people are also eligible for financial help to cover the cost such as health insurance, Medicare for under-17 root canals, and payment plans through your clinic.

Myth 4: You should get a tooth extraction over a root canal

Some think that to avoid spending extra time and money on a root canal, they should just get the tooth removed. But this actually creates a need for more costs and procedures. If a tooth is removed, it then needs to be replaced with an implant or bridge – requiring more time and money than a simple root canal. Dental implants are durable, but root canals conserve the healthy natural tooth structure.

Myth 5: Root canals cause illness

There is no valid scientific evidence to support the theory that root canals make people sick. But there is evidence that shows that people who have had root canals are no more at risk of developing illness than those who haven’t.

Myth 6: Root canals are risky

All surgical procedures carry a risk, but root canals are not especially risky. There is a success rate of 90-95%. Your dentist will go over any risks and side effects before you agree to the root canal treatment. The main complication that may appear is if the pulp cavity isn’t properly sealed, the tooth may become infected again. But this is extremely rare when you choose an experienced and qualified dentist.

Myth 7: You don’t need a root canal if you’re not feeling pain

Sensitivity to hot and cold and severe toothaches are the most common symptoms of a tooth infection, but it’s possible for a tooth to be infected and not show any symptoms. Your dentist may find the infection at an early stage before it’s causing pain. They may then recommend a root canal as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary suffering later.

Tarneit Dental Care Will Care For You During Your Root Canal
Root canals are nothing to be afraid of and will help you avoid further pain. At Tarneit Dental Care, we’ll explain the procedure and ensure you’re comfortable before proceeding. If you’re looking for a dental clinic in Melbourne for a root canal, book an appointment with us online or give our team a call on 03 9749 4491.