3 Tips to Help You Identify Your Dental Needs for the Year

Now that the holiday season is over, plenty of our patients have started to call in to schedule their annual appointments with us at Tarneit Dental Care. As with all things to do with starting a new year, this is also the time where we help our patients have a better understanding of the kind of dentistry they might need for the year ahead. It isn’t fortune-telling or rocket science, but more to do with anticipating the type of dental care they might need, especially if anything were to change with regards to their overall health. Some of our patients may be the type to schedule regular teeth whitening treatment, while others may be planning to receive cosmetic dentistry to improve a pre-existing condition.

No matter the category you may lean more towards as a patient, we would encourage you to take the opportunity to identify these dental needs at your next appointment with our dentists. Even if you presently enjoy great dental health and hygiene, your next dental appointment may provide you with insight to conditions you were previously unaware of. As people often say: it never hurts to get a professional opinion.

1. Nothing Beats Having Expert Advice

Having your dentist examine your current state of dental health and hygiene will always be better than doing your own guesswork. This is especially so if you have good dental health and hygiene, but are considering teeth whitening due to stained teeth, from drinking coffee every morning. It may sound oddly specific, but this is an actual event that causes some of our patients to consult with us on cosmetic dental treatment, even if they otherwise have good dental health.

2. Are Any New Pre-existing Conditions Going to Affect Your Dental Health?

Have you gone on a new diet? Are you and your partner planning to have a child? Overarching health conditions such as pregnancy or dietary changes can in fact, alter the state of your current dental health and hygiene. These changes to your overall health can impact your oral health and require you to adopt new dental care practices to help you maintain the state of your dental hygiene. Be sure to let your dentist know, if you’ve recently switched to any new medications, or made any significant adjustments to your diet.

3. Could Dental Surgery Help?

Have you experienced a significant build-up of plaque in a certain area of your mouth, perhaps from food getting stuck in parts of your teeth? If these are a common occurrence over months and years, it might be time to consider asking your dentist about what can be done. In some instances, untreated cavities are the cause of food getting repeatedly stuck in a person’s mouth. However, we always encourage our patients to consider long-term solutions, which will help them save on cost and time in the future.

Tarneit Dental Care Can Help You Find the Perfect Smile for 2021

Whether you are looking for major dental treatment that might involve surgery, or are simply wanting to develop a better dental care plan, our dentists are always there to assist. This will typically begin with a consultation to identify your present state of dental health, and later, to a treatment plan that will help you smile your best in no time at all. If you are unsure about any dental treatment you might have considered, you are always welcome to call our friendly staff for a consultation on 03 9749 4491.