3 Tips to Avoid Bad Breath Over the Christmas Season!

It’s become a habit for many people to keep a protective face mask with them, even as we head into the Christmas season and Summertime here in Australia. However, you shouldn’t let bad breath become one of the reasons to keep a face mask handy! If you or a loved one has experienced bad breath and are worried about how this might affect your Christmas season, read on to see what our friendly dental team has to recommend. Bad breath can be caused by a number of different conditions but being aware of them can help you stay confident and enjoy the festivities while being around your loved ones.

Good Dental Hygiene Should Always Be Your Focus

Poor dental hygiene habits remain the leading cause for bad breath, no matter the season of the year. In most cases with our patients, we have found that a build-up of plaque and trapped food particles is what causes unpleasant odours to form in a person’s mouth. Unpleasant odours should be reason enough for anyone to prioritise their dental hygiene. However, a build-up of bacteria is what should give you cause for concern. Plaque build-up can increase the presence of bacteria in your mouth, which can lead to worse conditions such as periodontal disease.

Be Aware of What Foods Trigger Your Bad Breath

Believe it or not, certain foods can trigger a reaction within different individuals, causing bad breath to become worse. If you’re worried about causing a bad impression with your partner’s folks while enjoying a Christmas dinner together, consider avoiding these foods. Garlic and onions, in particular, possess compounds that do affect a person’s natural bodily odours after consumption.

The Drier Your Mouth, the Worse It Might Smell

Dry mouth is a common condition that is caused by a number of different reasons. Considering how warm it will be around Christmas time here in Australia, you could easily find yourself seated at the family table, feeling parched and self-conscious about odours caused by dry mouth. Worse still, this condition is one that is easily exacerbated by the use of nicotine products. Quitting the use of these products is something we will always recommend to our patients, especially if they are looking to improve their dental health. However, drinking plenty of water and perhaps, keeping a small bottle of mouthwash handy could be a good way for you to keep your mouth fresh and hydrated through the festivities.

Visit Tarneit Dental Care for a Better Smile During the Holidays!

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