3 Reasons to Make Full Use of Your Dental Insurance Before the Year Ends

You could stand to save hundreds on your dental bills if you make use of your insurance before the year-end. Though it may sound elementary, we are always surprised to know that not all our patients are aware of how they can make the best use of their claims. Check if your dental insurance plan runs on a traditional or financial calendar year. If your dental insurance renews before January, consider how you can make the most out of getting your dental procedures and surgery done across sessions that cross over into the new year.

Typically, dental insurance benefits do not roll over into the next year, so this presents a great opportunity for our patients to schedule their dentistry across two insurance terms. If this has already got you wondering how you can get the dental services you need squared away before the year-end, you are always welcome to check with our friendly staff at Tarneit Dental Care. Similarly, we can also help you verify that your children, if any, are eligible to make Child Dental Benefits Schedule claims for their dental services. With the year-end possibly tying in with the end of your current dental insurance term, here are a few reasons why it could be a great time for you to get your dental appointments booked sooner and not later.

1: Get Ready for Festivities

It’s a given that you’ll be catching up with friends and family as the year draws to a close. Why not get yourself ready for all the food and festivity, by clearing any need you may have for dental services? If you’ve yet to get your routine check-up done, a good way for you to plan this according to your insurance cycle is to claim your next check-up this year and arrange for any follow-up services after the new year.

2: Avoid the New Year Rush

The new year period also tends to be the reason why plenty of patients rush to get their services done. This is due to a mix of reasons, including:

  • A busy work schedule,
  • Waiting to be done with the end year festivities, and
  • Waiting to claim their dental insurance during the new year cycle.

Keep this in mind and consider what services you’ll be able to get out of the way before the year ends. This could save you precious time on having to wait for an appointment, especially if what you need is a simple check-up.

3: Best to Use Up Your Claims

Most dental insurance covers are for up to $1,000 a year. Additionally, remaining amounts are not carried over to the next year. So why not make full use of your insurance cover to see how we can help you achieve your best possible smile?

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